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Creative Direction, Art Direction

Project Summary

Deeplocal was approached to design and build an instrument that showcased Google's contactless Motionsense technology for the Pixel 4. The result: A DJ rig that's part mixing device, part interactive light show. Then, to demonstrate this rig in all it's glory, Karol G and DJ Felo recreated her smash hit Tusa for the Latin Grammy's, triggering each part of the track with the swipe of a hand.


As Creative Director for Deeplocal, I helped set the creative vision for the project. On a tight timeline we experimented with a number of form factors for the DJ rig - searching for a design that was visually dynamic, fairly cheap to build, andeasy for any DJ to use. Ultimately we arrived on a visually design that included ten Pixel 4s, perched on tubes of light that could be animated. Each of the ten phones easily triggered a part of the musical mix, allowing DJ Felo to control the music and visuals in realtime. We hardwired each phone to communicate with Ableton Live and Touchdesigner letting us trigger each track on time and provide all our realtime visuals.